Pancakes for Dinner

19 Jul
Thai Pancakes

You're jealous of my child-sized stove. Go on, admit it.

I personally wasn’t convinced last night that I should blog about these Thai pancakes, as I didn’t think they were that hot, but The Husband must have been in some sort of psychedelic coconut love-drug haze last night. He loved them. Had seconds, even.

He did admit that the sauce on the stir fry was a little on the salty side—I blame myself for not tasting the oyster sauce before I put it in. It would have been perfect with just a splash of soy sauce, but I got a little twirled up because I remembered we had the oyster sauce in the fridge. To make this fully vegetarian, don’t use the oyster sauce. There’s tricks to replace the egg in the pancakes to make it vegan, but you can comment and ask if you want more info and I’ll happily give it.

So, here’s the recipes with a few notes on what I’ll do next time—because according to TH, there WILL be a next time.

Thai Pancakes:

This requires a bit of chopping and prep, and if I can do it with my counter space, you should be peachy. This was adapted from a Vegetarian Times recipe. Their recipes often lack seasoning, so I always have to improvise.

P.S. Did I mention all my recipes serve two, unless otherwise noted?

2 spring onions, chopped
1 small carrot, grated
3 Tbs cilantro, chopped
1 Thai chili, chopped fine (I used a 1-inch long chili, and you couldn’t even taste it)
2 Tbs chopped peanuts (I used roasted & salted, but cashews would work too)
2 Tsp chopped or grated ginger
1 cup cooked rice
4 Tbs flour (I used coconut flour, since our cleanse forbids wheat, and it added a nice flavor. Also makes it gluten-free)
1 egg
Coconut milk to get the right batter consistency
Sriracha sauce, to taste (A staple in the cupboard, for sure!)

Combine the last four ingredients in a large bowl with a whisk, making sure it’s well combined. Add the other ingredients, and stir well. If the batter seems too thick, add a little more milk. I think I added too much, because the pancakes didn’t bind too well. I also used an ice cream scoop to get them in the pan.

I also cooked them in coconut oil, which is great for you and delicious in Asian and Indian cooking (especially if you can’t use the ghee usually used in Indian food because of lactose or vegan issues).

Basically, cook ’em up like regular pancakes, and we served them with the mango salsa leftover from the tacos on Sunday afternoon, and a slice of avocado. The Husband has panic attacks if there’s not avocado on his plate.

Stir Fry:

OK, I went crazy at the Chinese stall at the farmer’s market last Saturday, so I had all these things in my fridge. I know it’s not normal to have baby bok choi and Napa cabbage at the ready, but the combination worked very well. Except for that dang extra dash of soy that made it too salty. Yuk.

1 Tbs sliced ginger*
4 cloves garlic (it’ll be pretty obvious soon that this is a vampire-free household)
1 red Fresno chile
5 or 6 baby bok choi, sliced in half
Handful of snow peas, chopped to bite-sized pieces
3 leaves of Napa cabbage, sliced
2 large green onions, sliced on the diagonal
Soy sauce
Oyster sauce (optional)

Heat up some coconut or grapeseed oil with a splash of sesame oil in a wok (mine’s buried in the back storage area) or a large pan—my cast iron Le Creuset** (see photo) seems to work weirdly well for stir fry. Go figure. Throw in the ginger, garlic and chile, and let sizzle for a few. Throw in the bok choi and the peas, and when it’s cooked for about 2 minutes, throw in the cabbage and the onions. Finish off with the soy sauce and the oyster sauce, but please do taste for seasoning before slopping in the oyster sauce! You’ll thank me.

We’re off to dinner at the neighbors tonight (Pal & Am), so we’ll see if the blog travels. (Cue finger to chin in a thoughtful pose….)

* Here’s a tip: throw ginger in the freezer. You don’t even need to put it in a bag. It will last ages and you don’t have to defrost before using. It actually makes it easier to peel (use a potato peeler), chop and grate! Bazinga!

**Do you think if I mention Le Creuset enough they’ll send me some free pots? Hope springs eternal.


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