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The Husband’s Bloody Mary or Maria Recipe

15 Apr

The Husband's special recipe.

I am so spoiled at home. The Husband is just the best ever. He does the laundry. He makes me fine drinks. He generally treats me like a princess! Yep, it’s a regular love-fest around here, and I’m not ashamed to say it!

For those of you who were eyeing the Bloody Mary from my Easter post, here’s the recipe. There’s only one problem: The Husband uses home made salsa in his, which I haven’t posted a recipe for yet. And it’s not because I’m being stingy, it’s because we haven’t perfected it yet. Continue reading


Happy New Year, Everyone! TKS Mimosa

1 Jan

Delicious and, with the fruit juice, practically a health drink. Hey, I did a three-mile run this morning.

This one’s an easy recipe: grapefruit juice and Piper Heisdeck sparkling wine. Yum. Great way to start 2012!

And, P.S.—I have a new camera on order, so look forward to classier photos this year. Sorry, iPhone, you just weren’t cutting it.

You Put the Lime With the Coconut….

15 Oct

A month or so ago, our dear friends The Horanimals returned from 10 days in Jamaica. These two crazy kids fly all over the globe—he’s a world-class, s**t-hot photographer and a rising star in his field, and she’s the best project manager I’ve ever seen. Recently, she’s turned her hand to helping his business grow, which means they are super busy all the time flying hither and yon.

You put the lime in the coconut and shake it all up.

They’re also some of the coolest people we know, and they are very kind to bring us back delightful bottles of this and that on their travels. This time they brought back some Blackwell rum. Continue reading

It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere…

14 Aug

OK, so we haven’t started drinking at noon on Sunday. Well, not THIS Sunday. But as our friends know, we are partial to a martini most nights of the week. So it’s time we feature one of The Husband’s fantastic martini creations.

Shaken, not stirred please.

Now, we like our martinis pretty basic. None of that Lemondrop, Cosmo fruity crap. Just give me my vodka, make it ice cold, and make it snappy.

There’s no better place to have a martini than at my house, as The Husband is the best bartender ever. Have you been to a bar where they keep Grey Goose, Pearl vodka and Hendrick’s gin in the freezer? Exactly. When you go to a bar, you end up getting a martini made from room-temp vodka. Ew. We have no kids, so whatever freezer space would be taken up with fish fingers and frozen veg is reserved for our alcohol.

I’m even going to share my special cocktail nuts recipe with you, not that it’s a big secret. Whole Foods gave me the idea, and they charge an arm and a leg (surprise!?) for them in the store when you can just make them yourselves for a lot less dinero. And they’re perfect with martinis.

Bottom’s up! Continue reading