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The Husband’s Bloody Mary or Maria Recipe

15 Apr

The Husband's special recipe.

I am so spoiled at home. The Husband is just the best ever. He does the laundry. He makes me fine drinks. He generally treats me like a princess! Yep, it’s a regular love-fest around here, and I’m not ashamed to say it!

For those of you who were eyeing the Bloody Mary from my Easter post, here’s the recipe. There’s only one problem: The Husband uses home made salsa in his, which I haven’t posted a recipe for yet. And it’s not because I’m being stingy, it’s because we haven’t perfected it yet. Continue reading


Easter Brunch Fruit Salad

8 Apr

Yes, I live in SoCal. And we’re not all hippie, granola-loving freaks, but I was nominated to bring the fruit salad today, so I did. My sister Mary bagged the coffee cake, and a very good job she did too, and sister Laura made some great deviled eggs (hmm, leftovers of both in the fridge…BRB…!). And the parents pulled off another wonderful meal, with plentiful pancakes, ham and even waffles. Continue reading