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Cilantro Garlic Chicken Under A Brick

16 Oct

These chickens from Lydia at the farmer’s market—yes, I finally found out her name—are freaking amazing. We have been getting one a week, and last weekend we found a magic combination of herbs and spices that just made the chicken sing. Not literally. That would be weird.'s hard not to eat the whole thing in one sitting! But we didn't. I swear.

Last night we had a great opportunity to try the recipe out again, and on other people to see if it really was that good—both the flavor of the mix and the chicken itself. Both were given superb reviews. Continue reading


You Put the Lime With the Coconut….

15 Oct

A month or so ago, our dear friends The Horanimals returned from 10 days in Jamaica. These two crazy kids fly all over the globe—he’s a world-class, s**t-hot photographer and a rising star in his field, and she’s the best project manager I’ve ever seen. Recently, she’s turned her hand to helping his business grow, which means they are super busy all the time flying hither and yon.

You put the lime in the coconut and shake it all up.

They’re also some of the coolest people we know, and they are very kind to bring us back delightful bottles of this and that on their travels. This time they brought back some Blackwell rum. Continue reading

It’s Fall, and Time For Baking

9 Oct

Fresh from the oven, which is the best way to eat this banana bread.

In our tiny kitchen, turning the oven on heats most of the house. Which is great when it’s cold, of course, but in the middle of the summer, it’s uncomfortable to say the least.

But now that the weather has gotten a little cooler, I’m back in there baking up a storm. Okay, maybe not a storm. But I whipped up a double batch of Apple-Banana Bread today. This is a hybrid of a recipe I found and our family’s standard (and awesome) banana bread recipe. I’ve got no idea where the recipe came from, but it’s been in my family as long as I can remember. Continue reading