You Put the Lime With the Coconut….

15 Oct

A month or so ago, our dear friends The Horanimals returned from 10 days in Jamaica. These two crazy kids fly all over the globe—he’s a world-class, s**t-hot photographer and a rising star in his field, and she’s the best project manager I’ve ever seen. Recently, she’s turned her hand to helping his business grow, which means they are super busy all the time flying hither and yon.

You put the lime in the coconut and shake it all up.

They’re also some of the coolest people we know, and they are very kind to bring us back delightful bottles of this and that on their travels. This time they brought back some Blackwell rum.

Why Blackwell, you ask? Well, the trip to Jamaica was to photograph Chris Blackwell’s hotels on the island. You mean, Chris “Island Records” Blackwell? Yep, that’s the one. (Please note: our friend’s photos aren’t on that site for the link above…yet!)

Before this trip, they hadn’t been fans of Jamaica. But the resorts by Chris Blackwell must have changed their minds, because now they’re big fans, like me. Can’t wait to take The Husband there! How can you go wrong with rum, sun, jerk pork, Scotch bonnet peppers and rum? Oops, did I say rum twice?

The label looks straight after you've had a few swigs from the bottle...

The Husband is, frankly, a cocktail-making genius. He can take almost anything in the fridge and turn it into a delightful libation. And he did it again a few weeks ago. He pulled out the Blackwell’s rum and a few other bits and pieces from the top shelf and all of a sudden, it was like a party in a glass.

Plus, the addition of coconut water this makes it practically a heath drink!

We’ve got a bit of an Indian Summer this weekend, so enjoy…

Rum Coco

Get a lowball glass out and add some ice.

Pour in a generous amount of dark rum (we used Blackwell), followed by:
The juice of half a lime
2 measures of coconut water
A splash of pineapple juice
Top up with soda water
Garnish with a lime wedge

Umbrella optional. Now, The Husband likes to mix his cocktails in a shaker and then pour them over ice, but I usually just stay out of his way and drink anything he hands me. So keep experimenting until you get it tasting to your liking.


Does it make you hungry, baby?

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