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Merry Christmas!

26 Dec

(Tried to post this last night but it didnt work!)

It’s a merry Christmas here in the new not-so-tiny kitchen!! More to come in the new year…



My Unrequited Love Affair with Cheese

15 Sep

Cheese and I go way back. Back to the days of my childhood, where a box of Velveeta seemed to continually self-replicate on the same shelf in the fridge. We were never without it, and I can still see its distinct orange color in my mind’s eye, and taste that creamy, extremely fake flavor. A grilled cheese sandwich was made with none other than Velveeta when I was young.

My tastes developed as I got older, moved on adventurously to Monterey Jack, on to what we Americans call cheddar, then when I moved to England, my cheese mind was absolutely blown. Has anyone heard of Neal’s Yard Dairy? (UK friends: No prizes for guessing.) This place is incredible. It is like Mecca for cheese lovers, the Holy Grail. Seriously, if you’re a cheese lover, you’d weep when you enter. Why? Because they let you taste everything! EVERYTHING. Continue reading

7 May

The artwork in this is brilliant! Plus, it combines Hitchcock and cooking. Tasty!

Acorn in the Kitchen

A very interesting project taking recipes out of  Alfred Hitchcock filmography.

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More Tiny Kitchen Delights

24 Apr


Came home tonight to find two surprises. The Husband installed a fantastic new faucet and some amazing tile for a backsplash!!

Just put all my spices in my slide-out rack–how happy am I!?

It’s Done!! (Almost…)

22 Apr

Just a quick sneak-peek at the newly remodeled Tiny Kitchen. Still tiny, but loads more room and hiding places.

Almost done? Because now I’ve got to get everything in it, and there’s one piece that’s still missing, due to some interesting measurements. I can’t wait…but feel so much pressure to get everything in just the right cabinet.

Thanks to all of my fellow bloggers and followers for sharing this experience with me! Continue reading

The Tiny Kitchen Remodel…

17 Apr

…has well and truly begun! Very exciting…

That’s my dad and Victor destroying the kitchen that’s been there since the ’50s. I’m hoping that Sunset magazine will publish my story–keep your fingers crossed for me! I would literally die happy if I was somehow in Sunset magazine!


Tiny Kitchen Remodel?

4 Apr

Could this be the "Slightly Bigger Kitchen"?

The Husband has been throwing around the idea that there could be a Tiny Kitchen Remodel. We have a possibility of some free or low-cost, slightly pre-used cabinets, plus my Dad to design, project manage and complete said design. Continue reading

I’ve Been Nominated AGAIN!

26 Mar

Nominate her, or I'll get angry. And you don't want to see me when I'm angry.

Okay, everyone, now you’re spoiling me! But I don’t mind being spoiled. In fact, I love it. So any further nominations for the Versatile Blogger Award (or any other blogging award—don’t be shy!) will be very gratefully accepted.

Thank you so much to DogDaz for the nomination, but also much, much more. Continue reading

2 Mar

Wow! What a great product, and a great competition. I’ve already entered.

23 Feb

I had to reblog this post from Sweat Like Mambo. She found this crazy awesome hostess gift that I can’t wait to give! Any friends or family reading this blog: Warning. You might receive this one day…


These are awesome! I saw this in Sunset Magazine, and I think they are the most perfect gift to give (or get)! For $14.95, you can get what’s shown above: 8 garden “truffles”, two each of Basil, Parsley, Chives and Thyme. (Or you can select a different set with different herbs…this one is the “Italian Herb” selection.) And it comes in a cute little truffles box complete with a list of which truffles are which. I especially love how it says, “This candy is for planting – not for eating!!”… very cool idea.

Get it here at the Moulton site.

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