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It’s Paleo. It’s Pork. And It’s Brunch.

1 Feb
Ain't brunch grand?

Ain’t brunch grand?

Note to vegan readers—this post really isn’t going to rock your world. You should probably come back later. 

Although it’s been pretty crazy with the move, the holidays, then The Husband’s birthday celebrations, we’ve still managed to do a bit of entertaining in the new house. We’ve managed to make a few new friends up here, and we invited Jonelle over one Sunday after a walk in the park with our doggies.

The day before, I was panicking a little bit, because I wasn’t sure what to make for brunch. I wanted something hearty, something delicious and something paleo that everyone would enjoy. As I wandered the Santa Barbara farmer’s market for the first time, I spotted Jiminez Farms, a local rancher and purveyor of hormone-free, free-range meats. Continue reading


Happy New Year, Everyone! TKS Mimosa

1 Jan

Delicious and, with the fruit juice, practically a health drink. Hey, I did a three-mile run this morning.

This one’s an easy recipe: grapefruit juice and Piper Heisdeck sparkling wine. Yum. Great way to start 2012!

And, P.S.—I have a new camera on order, so look forward to classier photos this year. Sorry, iPhone, you just weren’t cutting it.